Located in the North-Western suburb of Milan, Rho plant is extending the Itelyum Purification logistic offering from Isotanks to wide range of Packaging :

 - IBC (1,000 lt)

- drums (200 lt)

- 25 lt

- 17 lt

- 5 lt

- 3 lt

- 1 lt.

Other formats can be proposed according to the customer needs. An expert Marketing department is available for supporting companies in developing "Custom" or "Private label" packaging

Key facts:

- 1 packaging system for 1 lt tins, fully automated capable of filling up to 35,000 tins per day and one pallet every 30 minutes

- 1 packaging system for 17-25 lt drums, capable of filling up to 750 drums/hour

- 1 packaging plant for gallons (USA gallons, pyramid tin, 5 liter tin), of new conception, capable of filling up to 2,400 tins/hour

- 2 stations for semi-automatic filling of 200 liter drums and 1,000 liter cubes

Further packaging and logistics solutions can be developed on customer requests.



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