Custom made chemicals


For over 10 years, a multi-purpose chemical Synthesis department has been developed at Landriano plant to supporting companies in outsourcing productions to a trustfull and GMP complaince partner. Today, the synthesis department regularly produces carboxylic esters, polymerization catalysts and organometallic compounds, while additional investment and expansion foreseen for the forthcoming years.

The Organic Chemical Synthesis business unit consists of:

  • Pilot plants for processes scaling-up
  • Production plant
  • Research and Development Laboratory
  • Analysis and Quality Control Laboratory


Approximately 220,000 liters of total useful volume with reactors of various sizes, both in stainless steel and with enamelled coatings, capable of operating in a temperature range between -197 and + 180°C. The plant is also equipped with liquid film evaporation systems particularly suitable for the insulation of thermolabile products.

Organic synthesis processes such as Acetylation, Halogenation, Alkylation, Amidation, Condensation, Cycling, Epoxidation, Esterification, Hydrolysis, Oxidation, Reactions with organometals, Reductions.

"Custom Synthesis" productions covered by severe confidentiality agreements.


Continuous investments in process technologies have made Itelyum Purification a reference point for the purification of any kind of solvent or solvent mixture. The experience acquired allows us to apply successfully the different methods of physical separation in compliance with the technical specifications and within the time required by customers.

Depending on the market needs or according to specific customer requests, the plants are able to produce high degrees of purity, even higher than 99.5%, through continuous or discontinuous processes.

Legal formulations, additivations and denaturations are also produced.


Chemical Purification

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Integrated Services

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