Environmental protecion

Itelyum Purification is committed to preventing, minimizing, mitigating and compensating the environmental footprint generated by its activities and plays a leading role in the transition to a circular and low-carbon economy.

It actively contributes to the development of practical solutions, in collaboration with institutions and other actors, who operate responsibly in the related industrial and consumption cycles, promoting the valorisation of alternative resources, the design of sustainable products and the diffusion of eco-efficient technologies and management methods.

Circular economy, responsible use of resources, systematic adoption of the best available options and effective management systems contribute decisively to the creation of environmental value.

Solvent purification protects the environment

Thanks to the technologies adopted, compared with primary production, the purified solvents generate:

  • Up to 10 times less CO2 emissions
  • 4 times less fine particles emissions
  • 5 times less emissions of acidifiers (NOx, SO2 and NH3)
  • half of the extraction of water resources
  • 8 times less land consumption



Furthermore, at least 95% of the raw materials and waste treated are transformed into products or returned by third parties to the environment as purified water and undergo further material or energy recovery.