Since its inception as Bitolea in 1981, Itelyum Purification has become the leading partner fort Pharmaceutical, Fine-chemical and petrochemical companies, thanks its unique state-of-the art engineering, technical knowhow and product offering .

Over 4 decades of continuous investment and growth, Itelyum Purification developed an outstanding Know-how about solvents & chemicals production, purification and handling, taking ownership in supporting SME as well as multinational companies through a sustainable and successful use & disposal of chemicals

In April 2019, the two companies gave birth to Itelyum, the new brand of the circular economy.

Itelyum Purification, with the fully owned transport company Im.Tra.S and its consolidated brands for the international distribution Cambiaghi and Eurochem, gives substance to the PURIFICATON SOLUTIONS business area of Itelyum.

The production plant in Landriano (PV) and the packaging site in Rho (MI) are the heart of the industrial system, with advanced plant structures specialized in the production, trading and distribution of solvents, including high purity ones, in the recovery and purification of organic solvents, and in chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis.

With a massive and a flexible fractionation units, able to treat wide range of wastes and virgin feedstocks, and with an automated mixing and bottling unit, Itelyum Purification is a highly dynamic and nimble industrial reality, leader in its sector, supporting business partners in matching their current and future needs.


Itelyum's Mission is to contribute to preserve natural resources and to improve the quality of life, with sustainable processes, products and solutions for waste management and optimization of the markets served, sharing the creation of value with our business partners, society and the environment.

For Itelyum Purification, this means being an industry leader and a reliable partner for the production of high purity solvents and for the purification of chemical waste and used solvents coming from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, from fine chemicals and the petrochemical sector.


Turnover: over 100 million euros
Employees: approx. 140
Market presence: over 50 countries around the world
Total production capacity: over 200,000 tons / year
Solvent recovery authorization: 98,900 t / year
Storage capacity: over 15,000 cubic meters in total
Landriano site area: 75,000 square meters
Rho site area: over 30,000 square meters

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