Health, Safety and Society

The company's activities are conducted in a socially responsible, impartial and ethical manner, adopting fair and equitable practices in the management of employment relationships, ensuring the safety of workers, encouraging an ecological conscience and fully complying with applicable laws.

Itelyum Purification supports internationally proclaimed human rights and bases its relationships with all its stakeholders on mutual commitment, active partnership, trust, transparency and long-term collaboration. Furthermore, it is committed to equality of opportunity and treatment, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, social conditions or origins, religion, sexual or political orientation. Finally, it creates and maintains relationships with local communities by understanding their needs, promoting sustainable local projects that do not generate dependency and regularly involving stakeholders.

Itelyum Purification takes concrete measures to eliminate accidents, injuries and illnesses caused by work activities, reducing risks in all its activities. It also aims to achieve the highest levels of collective and individual awareness, encouraging a process of continuous improvement through the adoption of effective management systems and visible leadership as the key to success.


Management systems

For the management of health and safety aspects, operational sites adopt structured and effective procedures and processes to ensure legislative compliance and continuous performance improvement. Particular emphasis is placed on plant safety systems, aimed at managing the risks of major accidents arising from production activities.