Strategic partners of pharmaceutical industry

Itelyum Purification is the market leader for authorized chemical waste treatment capacity. Every year, approximately 90,000 tons of used solvents, mainly coming from pharmaceutical industry, are purified and recovered via high yields and reliable industrial processes. The purified chemicals can be sent back to the origin (toll manufacturing) or can be diverted to no-Pharma markets as high quality products. Thanks to this unique capability, Itelyum Purification built a strategic partnership with API producers (API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) with aim of proactively supporting their journey in improving their sustainability..

The world of pharmaceutical chemistry is also served with the own production of a significant range of pure and technical solvents from Virgin Feedstocks as well as reselling a wide range of solvents. Itelyum Purification deliver material worldwide basis.

The range of services is completed by the synthesis department, producing pharmaceutical starting materials or custom-made products, which takes benefit of the plant utilities & technologies and human resources expertise.